How to Protect Your Apple Mac from Overheating

It’s summertime. The sun is high in the sky, and you’re working on your Mac at a desk with no air conditioning. You start to feel hot, but notice that your computer is also getting hotter than usual. This is because Macs do not have good cooling systems to keep them from overheating like PCs do. Click here to contact and learn more about over some tips for preventing Apple macs from overheating so you can stay cool and productive all day long!

First, make sure to keep your Mac in a cool place. Find somewhere that gets good circulation and doesn’t have any direct light shining on it. Make sure to turn off unnecessary apps when you’re not using them, especially if they use up a lot of processing power such as Photoshop or Facetime video chat for long periods of time.

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Second, keep your computer clean so dust can’t build up inside the fans and cause overheating problems later on. Use compressed air or an anti-static brush to periodically blow out the dust from small crevices between keys on your keyboard where dirt easily accumulates.

Third, make sure you’ve got enough room around your Apple macs so they can get plenty of airflow. If you’re stacking things tightly against them like papers, books or textbooks, you’re restricting their airflow and increasing the chances that they’ll overheat.

Finally, make sure your Mac has a case on it to protect the body from scratches as well as damaging heat points such as battery connectors. If dust gets in through these openings while your computer is running, this can cause overheating problems too because dirt blocks air flow around devices like fans which need space to function properly.