Replace Garage Doors Fast!

Garage doors are an important part of any home. They should be in good condition and working properly at all times, as they can pose a safety risk if they are not functioning well. When you need to replace your garage door quickly, there’s no need to call out a professional or wait for one to come on site. With the right tools and information, you’ll find that replacing your garage doors is actually pretty easy! In fact, it could take less than three hours from start to finish! Garage door replacement Calgary is your best choice to do it, but we also offer some tips how to do it by yourself.

Prepared. You should have a few things on hand before you start, including the garage door and opener hardware replacement kit, a screwdriver, drill with Phillips-head bit attachment and an Allen wrench set.

Take measurements of your old garage door to ensure that the new one will fit properly in the space where it’s going to go. Measure both width and height so you’re able to determine if anything needs adjusting or cutting down for size.

Garage Door Replacement Calgary

Remove any screws from inside your current garage doors paneling in order to remove it easily later on when installing the new one.

Disconnect power by turning off main disconnect switch and disconnecting the power supply from your garage door opener.

Remove any nails or screws holding down sections of metal paneling on both sides of the opening and place them in a safe location so they won’t be lost during installation.

Place wood blocks at each corner to help prevent damage while installing new doors panels; use some scrap pieces of lumber if you don’t have an appropriate length block handy for this step.

Use drill with Phillips-head bit attachment to remove old hardware and replace it with new, then pre-drill holes through the top section’s current mounting locations into studs within wall framing underneath. Screw onto mounting points securely before moving back outside to install lower portion of door next. Repeat steps until all hardware is replaced.

Close the garage door and make sure it’s properly aligned to frame of doorway. If not, use a power drill with Phillips-head bit attachment to widen or narrow opening as needed. Be careful!

Reattach cables that lead from your automatic opener back onto themselves by loosening screws on brackets holding them in place for installation; then securely tighten bolts once you’ve placed new cables into position before moving back outside again.

Remove any blocks set up at corners; replace panels inside paneling area so they’re secured tightly in their original places using nails or screws depending on what was originally used to hold them down (preferably screws). Examine the doors one last time to ensure everything is secure and functioning correctly.