Why We Get Addicted

The word “addiction” is a scary one. It conjures up images of people who are unable to stop using drugs even when they want to, or alcoholics who can’t keep themselves from drinking despite the consequences. Many people use addiction as an excuse for their bad behavior, but what causes addiction? And how do we know if someone has an addiction?

The answer to those questions seem simple until you’re the one dealing with addiction. To be diagnosed as an addict, there are three main criteria: The person has experienced withdrawal symptoms when they don’t use; their usage is impulsive and uncontrolled; and they will continue using no matter what effects it has on them or others. If these things sound familiar in your life, know that help is available through rehab programs like ours at Axiom care Phonenix AZ. Whatever situation brought about your addiction, we can get you back on track so that you’ll never have to worry about falling prey again!

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The most common cause of addiction is using substances to self-medicate for a mental health disorder. This occurs when people use drugs or alcohol in order to cope with their depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc., without realizing that the problem should be treated by professional help and not just an escape mechanism. They may even believe they have no other option because of how intense their symptoms are – but this isn’t true!

Another possible cause includes people who experience a traumatic event, such as the death of someone close to them. Even if they are doing better in their life after the incident, sometimes people will continue to use drugs or alcohol because it helps them cope with feeling sad and lonely without having any negative consequences.

A final cause is simply using substances for fun when things started out just being about getting high. This typically happens when children experiment with substances, but then find themselves unable to stop even though they know it’s hurting their health and relationships – this is often called “getting stuck.”